Castle Vania
RR: 7.5
Pimp has made a map that a find a bit reminiscent of Kami's Lookout here; the throneroom of the castle is very similar, I rather expected that ducking behind the throne would take me into a room with teleporters in it!
          Well, it is big, but is it clever?  Some further exploration is needed.  I can't say I am particularly keen on the slightly faded textures, unless that is somehow linked to Dragonball Z - but, assuming you can find a download that works, it should be fun to explore.  Our link, to, gave us a file that, WinZip said, was "Not a Valid Archive", so it may be worth checking various idrive accounts for a better copy.
          One thing that is not immediately apparent when you arrive in a freshly-made server is that there are a lot of Bots around.  If your experience is like mine, you won't notice them for ages - but after a while, they start to finally kill each other, and respawn in more obvious places.  I think they must start in the higher levels of the castle, which are not that easy to get to until you find an elevator or two.  I am still uncertain what those cylindrical buildings over to the left are for; go in and you find each has a metal platform in the middle, stand on it and the platform sinks through the floor, leaving, standing on the floor?
          One thing that counts in this map's favour - at least there is no second identical castle just the other side of a grassy area, or river, or something!