Cell Games
RR: 7.5
I can't help feeling that the "Reaper Rating" on this map is a little severe - but this is really a beta version, quickly made, and will benefit from some further work.
          It is big, and it is clever; that area we are looking down on in our screenshot is large, and there are quite a few lengthy tunnels into the surrounding cliffs (thoughtfully provided with megaspeed trainers fairly frequently!), and elevators as well to get you up to the grassy slopes we are currently on.  There are little platforms in the cliffs (such as the one at lower left), but the main focus of the map is that grey area at the bottom, which is designed as the venue for DragonBall Z-style tournament fighting!
          Sharpknux is a "DBZ" fan, and this is a DBZ-type map.  Maybe that is where that grey tone comes from, but it does not seem to work properly in NAB - it is just not defined, and the steps up onto the fighting area do not have visible edges to them.  Maybe it is something to do with Sharp's economical lighting style...
          Still, a generously-endowed map, and fun to explore, as long as you don't get lost in all those tunnels.  They are fairly grey too, but at least they have a little texture to them.