CD Training
RR: 8.5
Not to be confused with SLAM's rigorous obstacle course, Security Training, this is a smooth-playing new arena from Ace - which CD members can download from the clan Hidden Page, while other NAB players may have to wait a week or two.  It is advertised as ideal for two to four players, which seems right; certainly FeEdiKo, B-Ball and I had fun fighting here.  There are three secret rooms to discover (or at least, by running around pressed against the walls that is all I could find), for a whomper plus a couple of spare electropaks downstairs, and the megapower and electroshield upstairs.  Hmm, maybe if I check some more I will find a doubler too!  "The map looks very smooth and curved, and I made it pretty flowing, so get ready for some intense battles here", Ace warns...
          While the basic two-level design is a little reminiscent of B-Ball's Anachronism Remix, this is a nice, original map, not specifically designed for training in the way some clan maps are, but for playing.  Ace is always fond of concrete textures; sometimes the darker grey tones he often uses don't look too good in my screenshots, but this new version looks pretty good, and goes nicely with the floor texture.
          So, smooth-flowing, smooth-looking, and smooth-playing - definitely the best new arena I have seen for some weeks!

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