Celtic Arena
RR: 7.5
The first map from Dax has taken a long time to finish, because it is in many ways pretty ambitious and complex - and the large number of points-lozenges floating around downstairs have tended to overwhelm even the stoutest computers, so that in the previous version it was not just hard to move your character around, it was hard to move your cursor to "quit" and "yes"!
          This map was made by Dax, with some help from Icedude when it tried to go all strange with "instant death" and flooding and stuff.  It certainly looks striking!  Dax had actually sent me what he was hoping would be the final edition, and it looked good - unfortunately, it was very, very "laggy".  FeEdiKo kindly confirmed that it wasn't just my computer trying to pull a slow one - too many weapons, he thought, and the immobile Bots and floating 250-point lozenges couldn't help...
          Still, that is all in the past now.  I don't really see this as a particularly good fighting arena, but as a place to explore, it is fine now.  Well, I found some places where it didn't seem particularly easy to go in a certain direction, and got killed rather suddenly just after gaining a megapower - but that comes with the territory, exploring unknown places!
          I don't know how Dax feels about the map, after all this time; it certainly must have been a frustrating experience at times, but it's here now, and with so much experience behind him, any new project has got to seem pretty simple by comparison.
          Below is a picture from the previous version, when immobile Bots were part of the mix.