Champ 2
RR: unf
A nice use of Championship Arena textures here, as Peps works on making his first map for NAB, a "one on one" type arena.  He was asking me if I thought it was big enough for good two-player fighting, with its outside square and internal crossway - and that isn't an easy question to give a simple answer to.  Make an arena too large, and you spend most of your time searching for your opponent, while make it too small, and you're never out of his for a few minutes perhaps, but just too high-intensity to keep going for long.
          At the moment, this map comes up on server lists as "1 on 1 Champion", but as that would lead to confusion with Icedude's series, which presumably will end with a "1 on 1 Championship" arena, that is likely to fall into line with the map's official title now.
          My vote would be to add a second playing area, and to move some of the generous supply of weapons and pick-ups there, to spread things out a bit.  But that's up to Peps.  No doubt this page will get updated to tell you how he gets on, some time!