RR: 7.5
This is a map that Tracer has been working on, dedicated to the memory of his 16-year-old friend, who died recently.  Well, death is never fair, and this seems a nice way of keeping memories alive.  There is a second room here, where you spawn in fact, with pictures of her on the wall.  It is not immediately obvious how to leave that room, but in time the vague outline of a door can be seen halfway along one wall, and you can move down a short corridor into this larger room, with high-level walkways, an elevator for reaching them, an observation room, and a small pool, useful for jumping down into for a soft landing.
          There are puzzles to solve.  The elevator is pretty hard to spot, taking the door back to the first room has a knack to it...and getting out of that pool is cunningly tricky, too...In fact, let me quote an e-mail from Tracer:  "I am sending this email as an explanation for my map, Charlotte.  Char and I were very close.  She always had a smile and loved to solve things.  That is why my map is so complicated to move around in.  I have created it so you will need to figure out how to enter or exit a room or lake or how to find the elevator.  I personally love to solve problems, so, if you "REALLY" are getting frustrated you can email me at for answers to the "problems"."
          I don't see many changes from the earlier version here; the water is still hard to get out of, and the textures are still a bit bland - although you will find that you need the Alamo, B-Ball04 and
texture packs, at least, if you've not got them installed already.  Tmon & Tux's texture page has got them, so no great problem, though I do wish people would try to avoid using too many different extra files.
      So, not a great arena, but a nice memorial to a friend, and an interesting map to explore.