Champion 2 ext
RR: 8.0
The downstairs area is only slightly changed from Champ 2, but Peps has enlistedthe help of
, who has added this second playing area, based on Peps' plans.  Hear the fire crackling, see the smoke hang in the air - you can almost smell it!  The textures look nice, and there are two other fighting rooms here.
          This is temporarily on the Custer idrive.  Peps did intend to do some more work, which was likely to include cutting back on the numbers of weapons and other pick-ups, but decided to leave it at this level, in the end.  So, this is a bit on the generous side, especially if the map is intended mainly for one-on-one combat, but not really any the worse for it, and it does mean that more people can play here without complaining that they can't find a weapon!  Initially I scored this at 7.5, reserving a probable 8.0 for the next version - but I guess, for atmosphere and a fair amount of Peps-style cunning, we should run to the higher score now.