Colloseum 2.1
RR: 8.5
A fresh coat of paint for an old map of Boomslang's - a remix with enough changes, including name, not to be "just" a remix, but a fresh arena in its own right.  And now it has been given some luxury Luna textures.
          I haven't yet explored it fully, as my host (seen above), Black Ninja, was just about to change to Boom's other new release, Swampy Beta 3 - the heavy-duty, dazzling flares in one side corridor remain, but it seemed to me that he had solved the old problem of an "invisible wall" which meant that that particular corridor was "one-way" only.
          There is more to this place than immediately catches the eye, which is a good thing for an arena; this should be a good place to play, so why not add it to your collection?