Condemned Remix
RR: 9.0
Now, this is a really good-looking remix of an Unreal Tournament "Domination" map.  It isn't particularly large or complicated, but FeEdiKo has done an excellent job of duplicating the original UT textures, and the place looks - well, real is the word!  And, by the way, if you are looking at games in progress on the server list, it appears under the name "Dirty :P", in honour of the name Fee was using for it during the early stages of remixing!
          So: one building, with a staircase inside and a "fire escape" style metal set of stairs on the far side; alleyways all around that building, and a few rooms into the surrounding buildings, mainly used as spawning points.  The arena is called "Condemned" because the building, and its surroundings, are, obviously, condemned - soon the bulldozers will be along for a bit of knocking-down and urban renewal, and this decaying corner of the city will sprout a brand-new skyscraper to join the ones all around.  But until then, someone has levered a few planks of wood off  door or two, and we are in, and playing.  And if the Liandri Corporation doesn't like unlicensed games...well, tough!
          An excellent place for a NAB fight, and as good-looking as Fee's HoverCraft - textures make it a big download, but it is very much worth it.