Coret Remix
RR: 7.5
as CTF: 8.5
This is one of the original on-the-disc "Capture the Flag" maps for Unreal Tournament, remixed by
as a "Target Tag" map for NAB.  You can see the target in the foreground to hit, at the "red" end of the map; if somebody on your team gets to the far end and hits the equivalent target there, then that square on the pillar would suddenly reveal five juicy points-targets for me to shoot.
          So, why can't I get a bit more enthusiastic about this?  The textures may not be inspiring, but they work nicely enough, with the red band at the red team's end and the blue band at the blue team's end.  This final version has a very colorful trigger; the weapon and pick-up placement seems perfectly adequate...  I think it is probably that "TT" does not have the thrill of "CTF", where you raid the enemy's lair, grab their flag, and try to rush back to your own end without being shot down.  And as CTF maps go, Coret strikes me as distinctly ordinary, compared to for example Lava Giant, or ones too big or recent to be ported across to NAB like Antimatter or Project X2.  It will be interesting to play proper-size teams here, or maybe with Bots if they know what to do, but for the moment, I'm scoring this one rather conservatively.
       And SLAM has converted this map to Ace's CTF mod (version 1.0) too - the spawning places will probably still not be perfect (as we wait for version 2.0), but it ought to be a good online multiplayer map.  I'm remarking this map higher in CTF mode, as CTF is what it was originally designed for in UT, where it is one of the most popular CTF maps.  So grab it now, why don't you...?