Dark Forest
RR: 7.5
Now this looks like fun, from SpUtNiK - a "forest" that actually has a lot of trees in it, as forests generally do tend to do.  The trees may not be elaborate, but they ought to make fighting rather interesting here.  And the (single) fort is useful too - lots of containers, which appear to have been used to transport the various NAB weapons in, as a few remain in each of them.  Staircases to the corner towers mean that you can leap onto the tops of these containers, or indeed out onto the tops of the trees,,,while there is a more complicated way to get there, involving a passageway down from one of the containers, and a vertical water-tunnel to swim up, which puts you on top of an extra-fat tree - just where the cursor is in this screenshot, in fact!
          So, plenty of possible tactics for fighting.  Inside, leap around on top of the containers, or run about below - outside, run about on the grass, or jump from tree to tree!  Take the advantage of the high ground - or go for the weapon access...?
          The shapes and textures are fairly simple, and the lighting is okay, with shadows and dark places under the trees that can only add to the atmosphere.  Definitely a map worth getting!