Dark Forts 2
RR: 8.5
This is a new map from CurtSquirt which, as you can see, follows the general design of the original
Dark Forts
map - but, as you can see from the screenshot perhaps, it seems to play rather differently.  When you reach the fort, an elevator takes you to the middle floor, another takes you on to the top - and when you step onto a square next to your arrival point, you are zoomed at top speed to the other end of the map!  Sounds as if it could be a lot of fun...
          And it is a Target Tag map too!  Most of the other such maps are huge, converted from Unreal Tournament's "Capture the Flag" arenas, where it takes about five minutes to run from the enemy's flag-base to your own, or along the same lines, but this one, particularly with the "express link" between ends, ought to be hectic...which can't be bad, right?
          One day, Curt, who improves with every map, is going to show us a fort that is actually dark, as opposed to these rather sunny ones... but very few maps actually have names that are reflections of their actual content, right?