RR: unfinished
Well, this is a new project that Dax is working on; he hasn't even settled on the spelling yet, as he uses both the above and the (correct) Dilapidated spelling when describing it.  "I'm hoping to make Delapidated BIG with a lot of things, including:
              1) A third accessible building.
              2) A sewer system.
              3) The poles having springs at the bottoms, that take you to the upstairs floors.
              4) Furnished rooms (bed, bookshelf etc.)
              5) Possibly a Ventilation shaft
          My hopes are high, and this will take a while - probably till around September-October time!!!
If I pull it off, though, I hope it'll be good."
          So, it looks like Dax is off to a pretty good start here, with some nice textures for this slightly scruffy area of town.  There are rooms to walk into at ground level, and he has even started to add some pick-ups - see that floating "magic carpet" style platform just off the edge of the central building, to the left?  Where better for the whomper and megapower!  You can walk round the main building, with shabby streets and a building-site side.  A little like Condemned Remix, in that way.  But it is far too early to judge this arena; if Dax keeps us updated on how he is getting on, I expect this page will also get updated.  Just remember, Dax, it is possible to get too ambitious - so watch out for our old enemy "lag", and remember that points-targets are easier to support than hordes of floating points- lozenges...