Deck 18
RR: 7.5
This is a re-texturing of FeEdiKo's Deck 17 Remix, basically, by Icedude; to make sure you get a warm welcome if you drop by, he has arranged to have the Bots Hope, Sarge, Justin and Jonas on hand.  It looks as if Hope isn't too good a shot with the triple strike, looking at this screenshot; I was too busy taking this picture to aim at her properly!
          Well, the familiar Amateur Arena colours are always good to see, and it is interesting how much they change the way one perceives an arena, but this is still the interesting and complex Deck 17 we are on.  I don't think adding Bots to too many maps is that good an idea, especially as this way they don't turn have their names or faces displayed for us.  If I wanted to play an arena with four Bots, I could play offline - or using "adminlogin" codes it is possible to summon the specific Bots you want to see and play against.  Or I could change my settings so that I started a server with the number of Bots I wanted, online.  As it is, I am stuck with these four - or is there a way to banish Bots like these?  And if I did play this map offline, with the regular Bots, would I end up with two different sets of Bots at once?
          Still, this is always a nice arena, and I guess it makes a change!