Distinctive Remix 2
RR: 8.5
Wow.  It is a while since I visited the first Distinctive Remix, which was decked out in gaudy Amateur Arena colours and, for some reason, gave you the same experience at the controls as being in a server where you had a ping of about 1500... what we call "laggy", though that is not strictly true!
          Well, Tmon and Tux_the_Penguin have solved the problem this time, and also showed how much a different texturing can change the way one approaches an arena.  No problem with controlling your player this time, and a good-looking place to fight in.  This is, for all practical purposes, a new arena for us - and a new arena from Tux and Tmon is always good news!
          The screenshot shows the fine texture work here; this looks like a real place, can't you almost smell it?  I suggest a quick trip to the appropriate download site, just make sure it is version 2 that you do grab.  Our remixers saved a little time by not texturing the movers, but the bland bubbly- concrete look fits in neatly, so that is not a problem - and we want them to get moving on their next project as soon as they can, right?
go to their own site for the download!