DSS Beta 1
RR: unfinished
The screenshots don't seem to do justice to the rather fine grey concrete texture that Acemaster 2000 has been using here and in Inferno 3, but this, the first version of Deep Space Station to be released, looks very impressive.  And not just to me - mapmakers B-Ball, Boom(slang) and SLAM were among the first visitors, and all seemed to think the work Ace had done was excellent.
          The early release does not have any weapons or pick-ups; it has cool architecture, though, and some really fine corridors - you can see the access to one of them just to the left of the screenshot.  After I commented that a fall from one of the high walkways had proved fatal "in this gravity", Ace decided that an arena like this would be great with reduced gravity - well, it is set in space, after all!
          So, a fine place to visit, and whet your appetite for the finished version.  And there is no reason you can't play here, just using your pistol - useful to have a map on your files with only pistols used, in fact... so a quick trip to the idrive is suggested!