Essence Remix
RR: 9.0
This looks like a bit of a change of pace for FeEdiKo - more a peaceful, paved garden than the sort of place where fighting is liable to take place.  The textures are gorgeous, with mellow stone and gently rusting metal; the "Essence" itself is, I assume, the green matmos-like material which we can glimpse through some gratings.
          But look at those modestly flaring lights, that wall-mosaic adding a slightly sinister touch, the paving, the walls, that glimpse of sky... it is not a particularly large map, but I assume Fee has chosen it because it plays well.  And, boy, does it play well!  It is the sort of thing that is hard to define, but if you play this map with a few other people, you will find that it has the magic that only the best maps have.
          And there's more - something brand-new to NAB!  If you play UT, you will be familiar with the milky-white cylinders that give you 5 extra health points, even if you are already at 100 health!  Well for the first time, such "extra health" points are available here.  Just about every health power-up is only worth 15 points instead of 50, but some of them, and you soon discover which, will go on top of the 100, taking you all the way up to 200 health-points!  In fact, going through some doorways will enhance your health - if the effect has had time to "respawn" since the previous person ran through!
This adds a whole new strategic element to the game, and adds to the fun.
          Now I do get some criticism of my ratings, which is only natural; Fee does not take as much time over his textures as the purist mapmakers, as he tends to import them wholesale.  But it is the result I have to base my opinions on, and the result here is a very handsome, innovative and playable map.   Get it.
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