Euro 2001 Remix
RR: 8.5
This is Justin's modified version of Spike's Euro 2000 Remix, based on a map for the Unreal Tournament "fragball" mod.  "I just improved Euro 2000, and made the soccer field a little bit greener.  I changed a few of the blaster locations, and stuff.  Also, Euro 2000 had some "concrete" textures, and didn't quite seem finished.  I changed that :-).  I might make another version of Euro 2000 soon, maybe not.  Oh yeah, it also has a bit of music :-)."
          So, if you like the original version, and don't mind that there is not actually a soccer tournament this year called "Euro 2001", then the chances are that you should like this one too.  The grass certainly looks good, even if the white lines "painted" on it looks odd from some angles...