Face ][ Remix
RR: 8.5
The original Face Remix, alias "Facing Worlds", had a pair of rather grim medieval towers at either end of the space-path; Lucky did a nice job in bringing it over to NAB.  This time, the remixing is in the capable hands of Black Ninja (as Black Dragon now, once again, calls himself...), and the twin towers are more modern, minimalist affairs.
          The gameplay is very similar, with sniping positions at various heights, reached via teleporter, but there is some added value in a basement, reached with a couple of small elevators, where such useful items as megapowers and shields can be located. 
          The arena is pretty awesome, with the wheeling sky overhead; Black Ninja has done an excellent job, although he used a pretty large texture file to manage it all.  As you can see, he even managed to get a small cluster of his pet Sequoia mini-totem poles in, halfway along the "sniper's alley" space-path between the two towers... though I am not 100% convinced that they are a great ornament to a map like this!
          So, a pretty good addition the the "facing fort/tower" category - and I think that "BN" has a new version coming along, as well...