Fire Chasm BETA
RR: unfinished
Well this looks like a pretty cool "target tag" map - it may only be in beta, but for a while you were welcome to try it out yourself by taking a trip to, and downloading the file from there...but I think it has gone from there now.
          The traditional two forts face each other, and there is a chasm across the middle of the map - this screenshot doesn't show the lava at the bottom of it, but you can see it pouring down to my right!  You can see the footbridge that spans the split - but both forts have a big cannon trained on it, and if there is a gunner up by it, ready to press the firing button as you start to cross - goodbye!  An earlier version of the map had the "explosion" on the bridge nicely visible, but the effect is still the same.
          But tunnel into a fort, check out the target-triggers, the passages, the the gates from within, or just explore!  It is a fun place, with some interesting balances!