Forest 2
RR: unfinished
Sk8er has issued this as a tribute to SLAM - though I can assure you that, the last time I heard, SLAM was in excellent health!  He has taken the Forest format, and added the hill you can see (with tunnels inside, though only one ballzooka that can easily be found), and also the treetop walkway I am standing on, conveniently reached by an elevator.  And the elevator itself is the key to a nice little "extra" something - yahooo!
          It ought to play well - but there is some awful "clipping" in it, which has to be wrestled with - see the smaller picture below!  Curiously, the green obscured my "Quit" screen when I brought up "Escape", which seemed odd; the effect is mainly visible from the edge of the top of the hill, though if you look closely at the main picture, you can see the grass to the right of the water is not behaving itself properly...
          Still, it looks like it ought to be a friendly arena.  I know SLAM remains puzzled that a map he did rather quickly, before he knew all that much about making maps, is so popular, but with arenas like this and Boomslang's Swampy series, its influence lives on!