Frantic Remix
RR: 8.0
It's along time since B-Ball first added this to his "maps coming soon" list, but here it is now, made as a joint effort with SLAM.  In my opinion, a name like "Frantic" would be more fitting for a small map like Morbias, instead of this rather large, multi-building effort, but the names of UT maps often have very little to do with what you actually find when you explore them.
   "Not just a castle, more a whole walled city in miniature", is how I described the "sneak peek" early version that B-Ball sent me (see screenshot below).  "The places he has textured look very fine, such as those tiles, and some suitably medieval bits of decorative stonework, and the whole complex is, um, suitably complex..."   Well, there seem to have been some changes made, and the texturing is kept to the NAB standard textures now.  If this is a medieval stronghold, it is a freshly-built one, as if we have walked back to the twelfth century.  Everything is clean and fresh and sharp...
    So, as a place to play it should be fun, with multiple alleys and buildings, plenty of weapons, windows to leap from, a fine sniping position, and all the comforts of home.  One would hardly expect anything less with the talents involved!  A stealthy stalking-match with two or three players might find a good home here, while all the paths and corners could easily accomodate a much higher number for a more "frantic" occasion, I am sure!  It is unusual for a B-Ball map to be without the metal and tiles of the Asteroid texture pack - but nice work, chaps!