Gekokujou Remix
RR: 9.0
Well, you have probably seen a earlier pictures of this arena without any texturing, just in the plain grey-white bubbly concrete, from when FeEdiKo invited me to look at the map he was intending to remix.  Unfortunately, we found places we just could not get through...
          Luckily, B-Ball has had experience with that particular problem, and has been able to "cut away" bits of ceiling to supply the headroom that Nerf players need.  He has done that in a number of places - now we can get all the way to the top of the pagoda-fortress!
            Some Barracuda textures, used with care and subtlety, fit in surprisingly well with the Japanese theme, and B-Ball has also imported some suitable pictures, to give a wonderfully Japanese feel to the interiors.  For mood, some parts are hardly lit at all, which is rather fun; and a couple of levers have to be pulled to open doors, carried over from the original UT Assault map... though the front outer door of the fortress opens automatically from outside now, you don't have to swim round and go in round the back, unless you want to.
          So, a splendid joint effort from FeEdiKo and B-Ball, and a great map to fight in, an arena we have been waiting for that proves to have been well worth the wait.
click here for a full-size screenshot!