Gen ][
RR: tba
If you have visited this page before, you will notice a not-so-subtle difference to the screenshot -
has textured the place, and now the arena, which in Unreal Tournament goes under the name of Skaarj Generator, looks like something out of "Alien"!
          Fee describes this arena as being a bit like SpaceNoxx - but without the space to fall off into!  That is an alien-type bounce pad a little to my right; the gravity has been reduced just a little, to get the jumping right for NAB... or I could run up one of the sloping supports.  The top part pulses and glows with an eerie green light - stumble into that vertical green flame and you are fried!
          Well, FeEdiKo has apparently got about five different remixes on his files at the moment; he still needs to add weapons and other pick-ups, and work on some "flares" to jazz the lighting up, so when this one will be finished and out I don't know... hours, or days?  But he has pretty good instincts about arenas that will work well for us, so let us look forward to it.  It looks more like a RR of 8.0 than 9.0, but that is still the mark of a map that is very much worth getting...
no larger size to view - this is big enough!