Gator Arena
RR: unfinished
This is a map that CurtSquirt was working on; it has change its name now, to RazorBack Arena, but since he had devised a rather cute picture of a Gator to go on the walls (seen here in the distance, to the left of the cursor), the "Gator" theme still remains!  Mikesmaf suggested Gator Park, which sounded good to me.
          The Gator colour-scheme seems to work well, and there are lots of doors, elevators, trapdoors, and secrets - more of the last than I know about, I suspect, as Mike and Curt went off to their own two-man server!  The idea was to add a couple more rooms, but what we had already seems to hang together nicely.  The only tiny quibble I have is to the left of the picture - that particular pyramid of ball-ammo has some extra colour-sheet attached, maybe it just isn't upright...?
          If the idea is to recreate the "feel" of an original on-the-disc nerf map then Curt is doing pretty well, though the biggest influence is obviously Amateur Arena... if it resembled any of the original maps, wouldn't it be more likely to be more Barracuda or Sequoia influenced?  There is water here, but tame water, not the stuff that alligators might swim in.  Hmm, is there a texture for swamp...?
          But check out RazorBack Arena to get the finished map.