Gen ][  (1)
RR: 9.0
Now, does this look dramatic, or what?  FeEdiKo has finally released the first finished version of this map, a remix of the Unreal Tournament arena Skaarj Generator.  You can hear the hum of the mighty machinery, see the lights flash like lightning as the power builds, and smell the overheated metal here!  Um, I'm not quite sure how Fee managed that last bit, but trust me on this!
          Those three health-belts you can see in the screenshot are all 25-pointers, but from the gentle chimes you get when you touch one, you know they are of the "bonus" sort, capable of taking your health up beyond 100 and towards 200 - though there is also a megapower higher up in the map.   The main top ring is reached by really funky-looking bouncers, or by running up one of the supporting struts.  There are a nice selection of weapons available...
          But, hey, just look at the place!
          At the moment, the download does not seem to work, so we are linked to the Star Wars Clan's Homestead download instead.