HealPod ][ Remix Fantasy
RR: 8.5
A new look for an old favourite, from Boomslang; there are some intricate (and pretty cool) flares in the new lighting scheme, and a new texturing of the main floor areas, which looks a lot like the grey "Lego" flooring - though CurtSquirt assures me it is an Orbital texture...
          The new lighting takes away some of the mystery from the way to get to the whomper and the megapower on the top floor, which may be good or bad, but this is still a fine map, especially if you are handy with the triple strike.  The "HealPod" itself still heals you in a most satisfactory way, of course - unless someone else stands on one of the triggers, and squashes you to death!  But, that is the way this map works.  It has always been a fun place to play, and it deserves a new audience, so if you've not been here before - check it out now.