HighSchool Remix
RR: unfinished
I was disappointed with this one.  It is not the fault of CurtSquirt, I am sure, but it just seemed to me that basing a NAB map on his local school just didn't make much of a playing arena.  You get some large rooms, like the dining area (I think - above), the assembly room, a gymnasium - and you get some corridors, with and without lockers.  Unless I was hopelessly lost, you don't seem to get an outside, which would have been nice, and you don't seem to get a very generous supply of pick-ups, either.
          I couldn't help thinking of Orbitspire - if you take away the brooding atmosphere, the views out over an alien landscape, most of the pick-ups, the teleporters and elevators, the innovative design, the bouncers, the water feature, the moving floor, the side-rooms with the "death from above" gimmick, and the whole upper floor... well, you would be well on your way to creating this map.
          Well, I am being unfair, probably, but Curt has made better arenas than this before, and he will make better ones in future.  There is no law that says every idea you have has to be better than the previous one, and indeed this was an intriguing idea...
          So, this remains an unfinished map, although a number of people may have this version on their files.  Probably wisely, Curt has chosen to walk away from it, and move on to other arenas - and indeed, some of his more recent maps have been pretty good!