Inferno 3
RR: 8.5
Unusually, I don't think this screenshot quite does this arena justice.  This is the third map in the series by Acemaster 2000 (will he get an upgrade this year?), and is the nicest yet, as the steady rise in "RR" rather indicates.  He has chosen to use a concrete texture for most of the map, and it doesn't seem to "photograph" well; be assured that it is nothing like the light-grey, bubbly "default" non-texture, and, when you are in the arena, looks fine.
          So, the twin towers remain from the previous maps, and of course the glowing, deadly lava below, while we still have metal walkways at the lower level, which are easy to fall off - or be pushed off!  This version also keeps the "healpod" in the middle.
          But this is no minor re-working, this is a whole new map; the twin towers are now the "swim-up" kind, and the upper-level concrete alkways are sturdier and, with walls, less insecure to rush along, while we also have separate, enclosed corridors at the sides of the arena.  This is a fine new map in its own right, and I have already had some fun games here.  Ace may not release new maps very often, but when he does, you need to get them!