RR: 8.5
Well, "jp" stands for "jump power", just as the sequel to this map, mjp15, stands for "mega-jump power"!  Blue_Ghost2 (formerly Techno) had a nice idea here - this is a low-gravity map, so that you can easily jump up to the top of a pedestal (if you aim and steer and calculate your height right!), snap up a weapon or some ammo, and jump again, across or higher.
          So, after a few games had shown what fun we could have here, especially using the pulsator in its alternate fire mode, BG did what he had done before with The Chase and The Chase 2, and made a bigger, bolder, and brasher arena - which, thankfully, worked rather better this time.
          Due to all the work of putting up this Review Array, I actually did the rating and review for the sequel map, mjp15, before I wrote this.  I decided to give this earlier version the same "RR" number, though its sequel is an improvement - they just are not separated by a whole half-point!  And there is much to commend this first version.  It is not as big, so it will work better for small numbers; it may well put less demand on your computer, which could be a consideration if you have lagginess on medium-to-large maps; and the more varied weaponry could play in a more interesting way.  Much as I like using pulsator alt mode, a bit of variety may be useful...
          Anyway, a proud pair of innovative maps, that take a fairly simple idea, low-gravity jumping, and do more with it than anyone else has thought to do.
       And a CTF version, using Ace's version 1.0 CTF mod, has been made by g-mo, which sounds like a nice idea!