La'puta ][
RR: 9.0
This looked like another "facing forts/worlds" type of map, from my first brief fly-by; Duo had added an oriental touch to it, but it really didn't look particularly remarkable, and, with the Grand Opening of Black Ninja's idrive, there were so many maps to look into!  It just shows that map packs and mass releases just are not a good idea, because there is more to this place than meets the eye!
          Well, it can best be described as a cross between Facing Worlds and Civil War, but with more than a touch of Lava Giant, and a whole extra crossing level down so deep in the earth that the golden lava really heats things up.  I know this is "just" a remix, but as I have said before, it is the results that count... and choosing the map to remix is a big part of the skill needed as a remixer!  You have the teleporters to various sniping positions in the twin towers, you have beautifully placed pick-ups, you have a "sniper run" surrounding the whole map that provides another route between towers.  I assume that this was a Capture The Flag map originally, and for team play, this looks a really good place for a rumble...
          The drawback of course is that you need pretty big teams, with so many attack routes to cover, but this is a big map and a beautiful one, so get it, and then explore it for yourself.  Some great textures and architecture here, so satisfaction is assured.