KnC Training Map
RR: n/a
Black Ninja kindly supplied me with an up-to-date version of his clan's private map, which appears on server lists as KnC Training Gym.  There are a number of rooms, linked by either a short corridor or, in some cases, by teleporters.  Above is the "clubhouse" area, based on the design of the Unreal Tournament Trophy Hall; as you can see, portraits of many KnC members are on the wall, though strangely enough Black Ninja himself is not yet displayed there.
          It makes quite a good "Nerf Neighbourhood" on its own; you can imagine five or six KNC members being there in the evening, perhaps talking in the clubhouse, or honing their skills down in what I would suggest is a close-quarters agility practise room (below).  Maybe taking a swim in the large mainly-water room, or duelling in the low-grav area...
          It seems a bit difficult to rate such a specialist map, especially one only available to KnC members, and a few other friends of the leadership, or clan leaders, or whatever.  It is also hard to rate a map with such different parts.  Should it be how one would have rated the best bit of it alone?  An average?  Or what?   But BN tells me it is far from finished, and in fact he intends to start again from scratch, so no rating at all seems the best bet at the moment.