Lego Courtyard
RR: 8.0
Do not fear The Unknown - because he has brought to NAB a cool pack of four Lego-style maps, all fun and surprisingly different.  The other maps in the pack are Lego Monastary, Lego Underground, and The Lego City Sewers.  You also get the Lego texture pack, but if you have already downloaded and played BlockBuster (the remix of UT's Lego-style DM-BloodyBlocks), then you already have that where it needs to be.
          As you can see this isn't a very large map, but for two or three players, it's just about right... I am just back from a pretty intense one-on-one here, and I can say that it works very nicely, with a hectic scramble to be the one with the shield, megapower and scattershot or triple strike!  That big packing case you can see at ground level has the megapower on it, so you need to leap down from a suitable ramp; the smaller case you can just see to the left, mainly obscured by the ramp above it, has the shield, so you jump down onto that.  It all means that it is totally involving, and that the lead can change several times in a match, even if one player is ahead by 5000 sometimes!  The only thing against a higher rating here is that it is not a particularly big or complicated map, but what it does do, it does very well!