Lego Monastary
RR: 8.5
This is the second map in the Lego pack, along with Lego Courtyard, Lego Underground, and The Lego City Sewers - all fun maps, while the pack also contains the Lego texture, though if you have already installed and played BlockBuster, Tiggy's remix of a UT original Lego-themed arena, then you already have all the textures your computer desires.
          Well, as you can see, I think, this is a pretty good place for two to four players to get fighting!   Oh, and I know that the word should be spelt "Monastery", okay?  Let's not criticise The Unknown's spelling until we can make original maps this nice, eh?
          So, three levels, joined by ramps at the ends; water underfoot at the base, plenty of weaponry - if you thought that a monastery was a place to go for quiet meditation and a slow burst of plainsong, then you are in for quite a surprise!
          Lego may make things look simple, but this is quite a sophisticated arrangement for a fun and all-out battle for two to six players.  You can run, jump, leap, strafe, grab that weapon and some ammo - but you can't hide for long.  Nor will you want to...