Lego Underground
RR: 9.0
From out of The Unknown, the third of the four arenas in his "Lego Maps" pack, along with Lego Courtyard, Lego Monastary, and The Lego City Sewers; the "Lego" texture pack is also included, but if you already have BlockBuster, then you have that already.
          Anyway, another cool map, for two to six players, with plenty of tricks up its sleeve.  A hidden room, for one, with not just a megapower but a teleporter that takes you up onto the roof, where we are in this screenshot - with a whomper for you to grab before you jump down again!  There are lifters, and a nicely complex fighting area.  Controversy rages over whether the three points-targets are a good idea, but with so much else to keep an eye open for, who has time to take aim at them?  Some of our best NAB mapmakers are suitably impressed by the way this map, and its companions, have been built, so let us hope that The Unknown will present us with a few more of his excellent maps in times to come1