Lego HealPod
RR: 8.5
Okay, I take full responsibility.  I shouldn't have said it.  But Boomslang and I were in his HealPod ][ Remix Fantasy, and I had noticed that he had used what looked like the grey Lego texture for some of the flooring (although CurtSquirt tells me it is actually from the Orbital arenas), and I said that a Lego remix of the arena might look quite fun.  And Boom thought that was a great idea, so the following day, this was finished and on his idrive for download!
          Well it is fun - and I am only joking about that "Perhaps I shouldn't have said it" bit.  The lighting looks very similar to the previous version, with its very cool selection of flares (caught rather well in this screenshot), but the weapon distribution has changed, and, all in all, it does make an interesting place to go.
          Um, Boom, I was really-and-truly only joking when I mentioned a "Lego Hall of Giants"  - I don't think Captain Mellow would approve!