Light Blast
RR: 6.5
Well, we have been here before - rather too often, actually, since it is that "transit lounge" that appears when joining a server online is taking too long!  Galen 99 has given it the Justin treatment, with some good-looking texture work, and a couple of points targets.  It is probably possible to grab that tempting megapower without falling into the central green pit for a speedy death.
          "Not much to say, just a pretty cool map" is how Galen describes this on his downloads page, and you can't argue with that; what you see is what you get, and two players could have a short, sharp and fun match here.  Black Ninja has been here before, of course, with his Dome Remix (beta), which I see I gave the same rating to, and also his more ambitious finished Dome Remix, which had a room full of water below, and a couple of further rooms.
          Galen, unusually, asks that his maps are not made available for download from any other sites, but I assume it is okay to give a link to his downloads page...