Loki TTO Remix  (The Realm of Loki)
RR: 9.0
Now this looks rather good, a remix from Duo that is set up for SLAM's "Target Tag" gameplay.  We get the two "opposing forts", we get different levels, we get plenty of teleporters, a low-gravity area, and of course we get the "Target Tag" points-targets.  As long as you can get a decent number of players together, it should be good!
          Until I get involved in such a game, one can never be 100% sure, but it certainly ought to be a fun place to play, even without any hidden "extras"...  This would be a fine map without the "Target Tag" - and the fact that it does have those targets is a nice bonus.
          Duo has been doing some top-quality maps lately; I think I just slightly prefer La'puta ][ and the winningly-named Half Pipes of Hell, but the Target Tag capability here puts it up to the same rating level for me.
       And now, Elven Nerfer has made a CTF version, for version 1.0 of Ace's CTF mod - seems like a good idea to me!