Pacific Fury
RR: 9.0
This is the finished version of SLAM's map, after a few trial "betas" - and it really is not much changed from the final beta, except that the obscuring clouds have been removed from the flying platform... which makes things up there a lot clearer, and removes a possible cause of lag.  Hopefully, the effect that I encountered two or three times when running a server, with the picture lurching swiftly and violently from side to side, has been dealt with by this.
          The minisub still takes you from the boat to just above the submarine, which you can swim down into; a teleporter takes you from there to the flying platform, while a teleporter from the boat will take you there too.  Climb the steps into the airplane, and after a short delay off you fly, to attack the boat - though you tend to fall out as the plane twists over, which is probably just as well as it crashes into the sea after that.  It "docks" with a rockface for a while, and then miraculously re-emerges from the sea and flies back to the platform, ready for another flight!
          Well, you may be reading this a while after this page was first uploaded (late March '01), in which case this may seem routine, but this is the first map to use "lifters" this way, as more than a flying disc (as in Aggressive Tendencies Remix, for example).  And so, a high score for general innovation and "pushing the envelope" of NAB map construction is called for.  The submarine may not move, but its periscope is another innovation, with SLAM using in-game mirrors to bring the "actual" image of the boat down into the sub.  So it is a bit tiny, even using the hypershot's alt fire mode to magnify it - it's the thought that counts!
          Good map, nicely designed and thought through... got it?  Good...
       And now Elven Nerfer has added a CTF version of the map, using v 1.0 of Ace's CTF mod - so that sounds well worth investigating!